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Website portfolio

Below is just an example of some of my lastest work. If you would like to discuss something more relevant to your business please call me on 01865 450170 or 0789 9793912

Rebrand and build of an existing website for global company GSM Automotive. The site is built in wordpress and has features such as press, intranet and coming soon multi-lingual function.


This is an upate of an existing site. Built in wordpress, mobile friendly and all Google listings tidied up.


A new site for Thame based Architect Resh Kuypers. Built in wordpress and designed to be mobile friendly.


A revamp of an existing website for Oxford Property Renovations. Built in wordpress and designed to be mobile friendly.


This was an update of an old website for Oxfordshire Chauffeurs. A simple brochure site with booking form, built in wordpress so can be updated by Oxfordshire Chauffeurs.


Brand new site for Cannelle Beauty. This new site is mobile friendly so rather than the old stand alone mobile site customers can now view the same information as the full site on their mobile.


New website for XL Health and Fitness who sell protein powders and weight loss tablets via Amazon. Responsive design so works on all mobile devices.


New website combinging two out of date websites for Mair Joint, who is a local personal stylist. The site is mobile friendly and built in wordpress so that she can now update the website herself.


Website for new business United Electrical. The new site is mobile friendly and built in wordpress so that they can now update themselves.I also assisted with social media set up and site promotion.

new website for hortons england, e-commerce and content management

New revamped website for the Hortons brand. The new site is mobile friendly and includes a new updated shop design. The site has an online shop and includes a bespoke content management system.


A revamp of the existing fit and healthy mums website. Built in wordpress, fully responsive so works on all devices. I created a new look and feel for Fit and Healthy Mums and the result is a fresh easy to use website for busy mums!


Square Carpentry are a carpentry and joinery business based in Aylesbury. They did not have a website so I created a new look and feel and built in wordpress so they are able to update themselves. Responsive design to work on all mobile devices.


Working will Gill Marketing this website is a revamp of an old tired site for CD Ironworkers. The new site makes better use of images to show off the products that CDI produce.


This was a redesign of the existing Anne Veck website. The new site is fully responsive to work on mobile devices and incorporates a content management system.


This website was a new site for Hadingham Kirk. The brief was clean and simple and they just wanted an online presence for new clients to find out about them. The site is responsive and I helped with the social media set up and branding.


Jewel Training had an old cluttered website that needed a new look and feel. The site is built in wordpress so they can update themselves and is responsive to work on all mobile devices.


Rebuild of an existing website. The new site is totally responsive so will work on all mobile devices. Built in wordpress so can now be managed by the client.


This was a new website for Decorative Modern a company who deal in a range of furniture and objects from many different genres. The brief was a simple website that they could manage theirselves to show the furniture and items that they have for sale. The site was built in Wordpress.


A redesign of existing website with expanded content. I also helped set up the social media chanels for Salter Heating and coming new a duplicate site with a slight different branding and logo design for Ambient Air Conditioning.


A lovely clean design to showcase the furniture that Alex Griffin makes. The work involved new design, build and help setting up social media. Recently we have added to the portfolio and even though the site is a couple of years old now it still works well.


This was a redesign of an existing site that had been created by a large online company. The site didn't reflect what the company was about, didn't have enough information on it and was just a dull template. The new site is fresher and offers more scope for the customer to interact with the introduction of social media.


Brand new site for Cannelle. I have worked for Cannelle for some years now and this is a revamp of the existing site, incorporating new branding and logo.


Mark Wiseman has just revamped his website with me. We decided that we need to make more of the fantastic images that he has taken so have included a large gallery on the opening page. The new site is also built in Wix so fully manageable by Mark so he is able to upload images when he takes them.


New design of an existing website for Kai Communications. Help with logo, business cards and letterheads too. Site is wordpress so Kai Communications can update themselves.


New website for Interior Designer Bella Whiteley. The work involved logo design, branding and new website design. The site is built as a simple brochure site and the style was carried across to all social media platforms.


New website for Jon Scourse Associates. Simple brochure site built in wordpress and responsive so works on all mobile platforms.


A new website for Stovetek with logo design and branding. Simple brochure site to advertise the services of Stovetek and the products that they can supply.


A new website, domain registration and hosting. The brief was a proffessional site that with onine appointment booking and facility for clients to leave feedback on their experiences at the practice.


A new website, domain registration and hosting. The breif was nice and simple with the focus on the gardens and the lovely imaeges that the client had. The site also has wordpress blog integrated so New British Landscapes can keep their customers up to date with news by blogging within their site.


Redesign of an old tired website. A simple brochure site which is updated monthly.


Work involved design and build of a new website with domain registration and hosting.


This was a redevelopment of an existing website that I had created for Just Cartridges. It involved building in to a bespoke content management system and creation of an online shop.


It's always nice to work with a client that doesn't have a website and Frazers came to me needing an online presence. I designed the website and built a standard brochure site for them, helping with set up of social media.


MOMO have a shop in London and came to me wanting an online presence with an online shop. The site is built in Wix giving them ease of updating and managing the shop.


An online brochure website with content managed porfolio section.


An online brochure website with blog for a local Health Coach. Built in wordpress and respoinsive to work on all mobile platforms.


New website and rebranding for hearing care company in Oxford Tara Tripp. Site is built in a content management system so now managed by the client. This site was built in our custom content management system.