Website Training

Feeling frustrated when editing your website?

I often deal with clients who have a website but have no idea how its performing or how to perform simple edits. I can help with creating some video tutorials for you which you can refer to when doing updates. Its a custom training programme tailored to your needs. You may need help with galleries, understanding google analytics, search engine optimisation, adding products to a webshop or simply changing text and blogging. Everybody's site is different so the training package will be tailored to your requirements.  The package is for wordpress built sites only.

So what is included?

1. I will first ask for your wordpress login details so that I can go in and have a look around your website and make some observations. I will then prepare a report containing any issues that I can find or suggestions on how the website can be improved.
2. We will then have a initial zoom call where we can share screens and talk about the things you would like to be able to do on your website.
3. I will then prepare the required tutorial videos that will allow you to make the necessary improvements to your website and share these with you.
4. I will also spend an hour on your website.  This can be used however is suitable.  It may be cleaning up graphics, adding new pages for you or connecting your website up with Google and adding Analytics to your site.
5. We will have another zoom call to check your progress and help with anything that you are struggling with.

The custom training package cost:

Graphic and coding support is available on an hourly rate, quoted for as needed.

Once payment is received you will be contacted within 24 hours via email to start the training process.

website training