The right colour for your brand

As part of the process of looking at branding, logos and design I often discuss colour with my clients.  It's a very personal thing, but the wrong choice of colour can have a big impact on the impression that you make to potential clients.

If you are a beauty salon and your client base is mainly women then you could use pinks, purples and soft feminine colours.  However if you are a business that wants to appear to men and women then pink may not be the right choice!

We recently visited France and one lunch time were choosing a restaurant to eat in.  There was one restaurant that had a bright pink exterior, pink napkins, basically pink everything.  My husband and I walked straight past it, not even looking at the menu (we both don't really like pink!)  After not really being inspired by anything else on offer we walked back to that restaurant and looked at the menu.  We decided to give it a go and I have to say the food was amazing.  I wondered about their choice of colour and if it puts off many people as it put us off at first.

When choosing colours you also need to look past your own personal preferences.  Think about your customers, your target audience.  What would they like to see?

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