Keep your website content fresh

Give your customers better content!  Keeping the content on your website fresh keeps the relationship between you and your customers.  Your customers may turn to you for advice in your market area and your site should contain useful information to engage and retain those customers.

Keep your content up to date.  There is nothing worse than visiting a website that says 'copyright 2018'.  This is a simple mistake that a lot of websites make.  It's easy to update but if it is wrong it can give the impression that your business is not current, maybe even not in business anymore.   Your customer may also wonder what other information is out of date on your website.

Think about your keywords.  It is important to constantly think about your keywords on your website.  Maybe your business has moved or changed focus.  Are  you keywords and meta data in line with these changes?

Keep your customers informed.  Your website and your social media are your point of contact for your customers.  There might be important changes such as new opening times in your business.  Make sure you tell your customers about them to avoid annoyance when these details are out of date.


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