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Keep your website content fresh

Keep your website content fresh

Give your customers better content!  Keeping the content on your website fresh keeps the relationship between you and your customers.  Your customers may turn to you for advice in your market area and your site should contain useful information to engage and retain those customers.

Keep your content up to date.  There is nothing worse than visiting a website that says 'copyright 2018'.  This is a simple mistake that a lot of websites make.  It's easy to update but if it is wrong it can give the impression that your business is not current, maybe even not in business anymore.   Your customer may also wonder what other information is out of date on your website.

Think about your keywords.  It is important to constantly think about your keywords on your website.  Maybe your business has moved or changed focus.  Are  you keywords and meta data in line with these changes?

Keep your customers informed.  Your website and your social media are your point of contact for your customers.  There might be important changes such as new opening times in your business.  Make sure you tell your customers about them to avoid annoyance when these details are out of date.


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NEW WordPress Training

NEW WordPress Training

If you are stuck when it comes to editing your WordPress website I can now help with a bespoke training package.  This is a new offering from Niki Peach Design.  The package will be tailored to your needs as every website is different.  It also includes an hour of work from me where I can tidy things up, add plugins that you need to make editing easier and add in reporting so you can track visitors if needed.

More information on this new website training package can be found by clicking here.

On top of this package I am also available to provide graphic design and web building support.  I will be able to quote you separately on any requirements that you might have.

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Using Video on your website

Using Video on your website

Video shouldn’t replace written content, but its a great way to strengthen your overall message.


Quickly deliver your message - visitors can digest your information when they see and hear something rather than just reading lots of boring text.

Engage your website visitors - they can engage in more ways, audio and visual

Drive traffic to your website with enhanced rankings for a site with video. Search engines love fresh content so why not make your fresh content a new video. When you are adding your video to youtube (which google owns so the advantages of using that for your video are massive) make sure in your video title, tags and description you use 1-2 keywords that are important to your website. To make sure you are maximising seo benefits as the result of your video its important to use key words to promote your video on YouTube. Also sharing the video through social media will increase the reach of the video. Little tip though for facebook, upload your video directly to that platform as it will get more reach than an embedded youtube video.

Entertainment - it doesn’t have to be informative or boring, engage your visitors, bring in some fun, make people remember you

Personality - Give your company a personality - People get to see the real you or your team, show your companies personality - make you stand out from your competitors.

So if you are nervous about video there are some things that you can do.

Start using video in everyday life. Send a WhatsApp video message to friends and family instead of typing a reply. This gets you used to holding the camera, angles, talking to the camera and just generally being in front of it. Kids love it when you reply via video.

Build your confidence and start creeping it in to your business. Why not try replying to DM’s on your social media using a video? This boosts engagement and the person you are sending it to will feel special. This gets you valuable practice but you aren’t broadcasting to the world. Send a thank you clients via a video message - so much more personal and the client feels special.

Think about what should you say? When your confidence has built and you feel ready think about your message and what you want to stay. Its a good idea to jot down a few pointers, you can stick a post it note to the phone so you can see the pointers when you are looking at the camera!

Equipment. Think about some basic equipment. A tripod to hold your phone will make it much professional than a shaky video. Even a simply backdrop can make your home done videos look a lot more profession and constant. These are both available online for only a few pounds.

Sound - make sure your environment is quiet when you record your videos. You can get away without extra sound equipment if you make sure its quiet when you record. Even a little background sound can be distracting for the customer listening to your message. Most important of all, have fun and don't be afraid to represent your brand.

Inkstitution is born!

Inkstitution is born!

I'm super excited to announce that Inkstitution Ltd is now trading.  I'm part of a team based in Oxford providing custom work wear and direct to garment printing.

The website is live and  over the next few weeks will be developing in to an online shop where you can order work wear, upload your logo, design your garments and more.

We will also be offering designers and artists the chance to upload their designs and earn commission on prints that are sold.  They will also get an introductory offer of a free profile page on our site.  If you are interested please contact me on with examples of your work.

The Inkstitution team have a passion for design and printing and I am so pleased to be able to now offer this to my clients at Niki Peach Design as it completes the package that I already offer in terms of design and print.

inkstitution direct to garment printing and workwear oxford

inkstitution direct to garment printing and workwear oxford